Nikon Flagship…Its ours.

Nikon Flagship D4

It has been a crazy year.

When Em and I returned from India a few years ago, with dreams of earning a living from photography, we were scratching around for a job a week, and had set up an office in our bedroom. A couple of weeks ago, I realized that it worked out that I had been shooting a job every second day, including weekends for about 3 months running.

During this last year  we had a beautiful baby girl, Charlie, and have started building a home and studio in an Eco Estate on the North Coast of South Africa.

The cherry on the top (photographically speaking) was the purchase of the beautiful creature in the image above.

This will allow us to provide even better quality imagery for our customers, and with better low light capabilities and a machine gun fire frame rate, no perfect moment is safe!

Click here for a fun “On location shoot” with the D4 and Joe McNally, some classic moments.