First Impressions

Yep. They are as important as they always were. Even more so when your job, or the job you are applying for depends on how you look. Bianca thought she might try her hand at a bit of modelling. Agencies see a lot of young hopefuls coming through their doors, and you can either print out and hand in your favourite iPhone, “arms length self pic,” or you can pull in for a 45 min shoot in studio with the local flip flop wearing photographer, who hopefully has the skills to get your visage to the top of the pile.

I think between Bianca and I we did a pretty good job for a “first time in front of the camera experience” :)






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Famous in Ballito again…

It is pretty cool to look down at a pile of magazines while waiting for a life giving cappuccino to be created in a local coffee shop, and to think to oneself, “Damn that photo is familiar. Hey.. hang on, its mine!”

The Ballito did a  Photographers showcase piece on Emily and I in their latest issue. I think  it turned out pretty well, and the gloss of a pic on the outside of a magazine is enough to bring a proud smile to any photographers face, even before the morning cappuccino.

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Odd Holidays

When December and January come around it is not  a great time for us to go holidaying. Generally we are running flat out trying to fit in up to 3 shoots a day on the PeppermintPix calendar, which is just as well, as all the corporates and other clients shut down for two months.

This means that we take our holidays at other weird times and generally between weddings, jobs etc which are spread out around the country. So here are some holiday iPhone snaps of our recent adventures to Joburg, Knysna and Mpumalanga..

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Shooting Property

I used to hate shooting property. It was a combination of the wrong equipment, limited skill and the wrong attitude. Also..when I started, it was hard to justify to a client that it was worth doing a little more than any real estate agent could do with a point and shoot.

Suddenly the world is online, and realising that 1st impressions count and only last a few seconds. So if you are wanting to sell your architectural masterpiece it is worth paying a professional photographer to make it look like the 3D diagrams you were handed before embarking on an epic build! Check out a few of these pics I took recently of properties on the North Coast…




Oh.. and sometimes Charlie Allan comes along on the less stressful shoots. This staircase was almost too much for her new clambering skills.


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