The Back Garden of Natal

The Drakensberg mountains are spectacular almost any time of the year, and as they are a hopskipjump away from most places in Natal, we seem to be getting up there more often than we used to.

As a photographer its kind of hard to mess up  when shooting there really. One could pretty much wade into the middle of a babbling brook somewhere at the base of the mountains, close your eyes, spin around a few times, hold your camera up and shoot without looking, and nine times out of ten the image would be worth looking at.

4 Photographic sorties during our recent stay resulted in the images below. They also resulted in a twisted ankle as I was racing away from an electric storm that came in more quickly than I bargained for, a meeting with a river sand collector who was overjoyed to perch for a portrait and another meeting with a old man who seemed to be determinedly walking in the middle of nowhere.

The last image was during a leg stretch above Sterkfontein dam. Still one of my favourite roadside picnic places in SA.

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