Zimbali, Simbithi, Dunkirk, Brettenwood Etc Etc


One of the benefits of being a photographer and working with magazines, corporate  and individuals is the broad spectrum of experiences, places and people that you come across on a daily basis. In the property sector I get to explore some really amazing projects through the eyes of confident real estate agents, hopeful new owners, architects, developers, interior decorators and more. And growth on the North Coast seems to be accelerating with every year that we are here.

Okay.. so we may not be back to the real estate frenzy that gripped the world during the pre recession good times, but I can confidently tell you that there is still plenty of development and activity happening in the right places, and some of the right places on the north coast at the moment seem to be the coastal gated estates where I have spent  a large amount of my time shooting this year. Beautiful properties in Zimbali are constantly refurbished with the latest and greatest. Simbithi is almost totally sold out of land from the developer, as is Dunkirk. Brettenwood has stepped up a gear with the completion of their incredible new clubhouse, and Mount Richmore is back in vogue with The Mount Richmore Curro School built within the estate, ready for action from January 14.

There even seems to be light at the end of the tunnel for the offramp from the N2 into Ballito which will ease congestion and make popping out for milk in holiday season less of an epic quest, and would you believe, the  rumour that Ballito will have their own Virgin Active, which has been going around since Emily and I moved here 3 years ago, seems to be heralding some truth. Signs have gone up and building (or at least moving around of sand from what we can see) has started.

Below are a handful of photos of some of the properties that I have shot this year.

Have a great week everyone, and come check out the North Coast sometime!














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