Going out with a BANG!

Sheesh. I am done.

My desk is a shotgun blast of reminder post it notes stuck on every available surface, and piles of equipment lurk everywhere around the studio, waiting for someone with enough time to give them a clean, a bit of attention and a home again. For the moment they lurk in the dark, behind a locked door gathering dust. Piles of paper and cuttings lean precariously over apple equipment and will stay that way for a few more weeks. I am officially on holiday. Photo sessions will be limited to landscape sessions and if a stray bikini model asked for a few pics, I might consider it, but otherwise I am done for 2013!

It got a bit frenetic towards the end there… I was doing a couple of shoots a day, editing until midnight and still managed to get up to Zim to do a shoot for an agriculture client. What a great job to end the year on. I still think Zim is one of the most spectacular places on earth and the people have world class smiles, making for great photos.

Below are some of the pics from that country.

If I don’t blog again until 2014, have a great end to the year and thank you so much for your support. We will be in touch in the new year with energy, enthusiasm and passion. For now though…I will be working on changing the vampire like pallor resulting from too many hours in the studio, and embarrassing myself on my surfboard.

All the best












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