Ah. What a great holiday. What a beautiful country. My lofty goals which included maximum relaxation and “surfing” (inverted commas are used as only a real beginner could call what I did “surfing”) were reached. I held down the reset button for ten seconds or so, felt good about the reboot for a day or two and then was wrenched back into hyperdrive in the second week of January with 20 or so shoots under the belt this year already. Whew.

One of the goals during the holiday was to only pick up my camera for fun. Fun would mean to shoot landscapes or whacky people in amazing landscapes. I took the reboot seriously this time, and decided to go back to the beginning and shoot with the idea of converting the images to black and white. At dawn a few mornings in a row at The Hole in the Wall in the Transkei, I strode forth rubbing sleep from my eyes and tripping over strategically placed toddlers toys in the dark. I made my way towards the pebble beaches and rock monolith that gave the destination its name, and got to work.

Shooting a landscape as the sun comes up or disappears, can be one of the most rewarding photography experiences there is. Waiting for the sun to be in exactly the right spot, for the right set of waves to move through at the same time as a bank of clouds, while balancing a R70 000 camera and tripod on rocks that are as slippery as a baby seal; and to match the shutter speed and exposure to the environment to create the right effect on top of that, sounds tricky, but when the only client is the guy wearing flip flops and pressing the buttons, the experience is like spending time in a photography hammock under a tree somewhere cool.












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