Magic in the Mountain Kingdom

Yup.. that is a cheesy blog title. Sorry, but this shoot ranks up there with one of my all time favourites. It was magic. And there were mountains. And Lesotho is a kingdom. So there. Deal with it. ūüėČ

First up I have to say thanks to the guys at Aranda. It was a pretty daring idea that had potential to go belly up fast, but we pulled it off, and did so in style.

(If you are reading this with a good quality blanket wrapped around you, have a quick peek at the label. If it isn’t a Chinese ripoff or a soulless fleece, the label is likely to say Aranda. If you are reading this in Lesotho, you are probably wearing a blanket made by these guys, and have been wearing their blankets your whole life. It might also be a blanket that has been passed down through the family and has heirloom status and is an integral part of your culture. So Aranda = A South African blanket manufacturer with a justifiably proud history.)

We dodged weather systems, vehicle breakdowns and mampoer hangovers to create the images below, while based at Semonkong Lodge where we were very comfortably hosted by a team that made a plan for us, no matter what the request. The incredible background in some of the photos is  Maletsunyane Falls, one of the highest single dropping waterfalls in Africa.





The behind the scenes pics reveal a lean mean approach to shooting blanket fashion in the mountains. One Ranger Light with 2 different  brolly options, one Nikon D4, one incredibly helpful assistant (and client),  and a whole lot of beautiful Africa to work with.




Not every photo taken was staged. The fellow below was just cruising down the road on the way to his village.


The last shoot that Aranda did resulted in Billboards throughout Lesotho…and the plan is to do the same with these photos. So soon I will be really big in Lesotho…

Thanks to Carina Trewick for the behind the scenes photos featuring yours truly.





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