Salt Cafe

Salt Cafe.



It is a landmark between Ballito and Salt Rock Beaches. It is the “mozzarella cheese solution” to fighting off the Sunday night blues, and the first stop for a caffeine hit on the way to a meeting on Monday morning. It is also the first stop on a Saturday morning, for a cheese and ham croissant with an oversized, double shot cappuccino on the way to the beach while balancing offspring, buckets, spades, mother in laws, snorkels, expectations and bleary hangovers.

It is sometimes a three hour later, iced coffee and cold drink, midday respite from the blazing sun after a beach visit, while enduring the first signs of a sunburn situation, overtired offspring, hypoglycaemic wife and bemused mother in law *.

It will be the scene of the meeting when I sign the book deal that I retire on one day.

It is the stopover between between Salt Rock and Ballito and attracts international surfers, world champion canoeists, finance gurus and local photographers.

Its my local coffee shop.

And I love it.

Check out their new website and smash a pizza the next time you are driving past!

* Just kidding about you ladies 😉 You rock and I am generally the one that has reverted to childlike behaviour at this stage, in need of after sun lotion and looking after.





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