Hello Tomato!

It’s not often that I am envious of the Gautengalengs, especially in winter when everyday life includes a “cold avoidance strategy”.

But there is a new restaurant opening up next week in Joburg that will help keep smiles on dry cracked lips. (Is the jealousy evident yet?)

If you have ever cut through the leafy burbs along Bryanston Drive, you have passed the Riverside Shopping centre. It’s been there since I was a little boy kicking around in the dust ¬†as a local cub scout on Saturday mornings. Well it has needed some love for some time and they have finally redone it. Along with the renovations comes the brand new authentic Italian fastish food restaurant in the style that you might find on the streets of New York.

The same guys that brought you Fego and Europa are back with something way cooler and if the food we ate at the shoot we did for them is anything to go by…even tastier. Its called “Hello Tomato“.

They are literally opening next week. Go have a look see.

Below are some of the pics you will see in their menus..

Have a great weekend!



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