Fast’n Dirty and Fun.

The first half of 2015 was a blur. We were grafting and travelling ourselves into exhaustion. The Nikon D4 was starting to feel heavy.

So we decided to do something fun. We spread the word to a few mates that they should drop in and we would take some portraits of them. Gratis. Free. Just for fun. And we did the shoots fast… no one sat in front of the camera for more than 10 min. I like to call it “Fast, Dirty and Fun photography.” Not like sexy dirty…but rather unpolished I suppose?

Actually it wasn’t entirely free…we demanded that once we had done a semi serious portrait, we needed to see their funny face. If there was any resistance to making a funny face¬†we introduced tequila to the situation. Sometimes the tequila was requested even if there were some funny faces being made.

The kids of course didn’t need tequila. In general they tended to have a repertoire of funny faces to work through.

Below are some of the best the funny faces. Just for a laugh. Thanks to these fine brave souls for just being silly for a few minutes. Every shoot was fun.

I like to think of these as a start…more to come.



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