2015 Billabong Pro in Ballito Or “Monday Morning Never Looked So Good”

It’s becoming a tradition.

The goodness of a great surf competition arrives in my home town once a year and watching the sun come up at least once that week, while the best in the world rip it up 5o metres away from us,  has become a compulsory family affair.

Having attended a few of these now I can report back on how things have changed personally for me with regards to the competition:

  • I am still as uncool as I was when I first blogged about this event. I had to google the slang term “Aweh, my bru” to see what language it originates from, and was interested to find out that it is also associated with prison use. I still am unclear as to where it comes from.
  • I had to stop someone in conversation the other day to find out what a Grom was. So uncool. (To explain it would be even less cool ..and I am trying here. Look it up.)
  • My “grom” is no longer a pleasure to have along on a shoot. At age 1 she happily played in the sand while I sipped a cappuccino and shot away. At  3 Years old she is a self professed Art Director and will yell at the top of her voice repeatedly “Daddy, the sun! Shoot the sun! Can you see it? Shoot the sun! Daddy!” Cool surfers looked our way.
  • The soles of my feet have been introduced to the top of a surfboard while out at sea on more than one occasion. For almost a second.  So still not surfing. But I am definitely floating on my board with distinct moments of hopefulness, more regularly than ever before.


But enough about me… the Billabong Ballito Pro or Ballito Billabong Pro or Pro Billabong Ballito…. is back in town! Go to the beach everybody.. It is seriously a rad way to spend a few hours. (Did you see how I used “rad” there?)

Check out a few of the pics from this morning.



Chris Allan Photography-6513

Chris Allan Photography-6904

Chris Allan Photography-6899

Chris Allan Photography-6897

Chris Allan Photography-6874

Chris Allan Photography-6829

Chris Allan Photography-6826

Chris Allan Photography-6818

Chris Allan Photography-6801

Chris Allan Photography-6747

Chris Allan Photography-6700

Chris Allan Photography-6651

Chris Allan Photography-6580

Chris Allan Photography-6568

Chris Allan Photography-6553


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