The Moments In Between

Its been a busy couple of months. With a shoot almost every weekday and often on the weekends, plus all the photo editing that goes with it, things have been frenetic. I am not complaining, but I have reached the point where I am overjoyed at the opportunity to put the Nikon away and turn the Mac off for a few hours. A few years back I was a complete photo nerd, using every available moment after work to rush out and shoot whatever crossed my path, never allowing a aesthetically pleasing moment to squirm away without being shot to death.

Now however, in my old age, when one of these wonderful “in between moments” appears, I will do something cathartic and simple. Like head into the garden with a watering can and a spade and wave at my neighbours while pretending I have a horticultural plan or reason for being there. Most times after 30 minutes or so, my daughter the beautiful pale garden troll/mud diviner will come looking for me, leaving a trail of green and brown destruction in her wake. I normally use her visit as an excuse to collect up a few handfuls of what I hope are weeds that I have pulled, nod with a satisfied “right that should do it for now” look on my face, and head back towards the house for a congratulatory beer.

Below are a few of the photos that I have either shot or been editing in the last few weeks. As always.. diverse collection: fashion, stock, product, industrial, architectural and a beautiful wedding in Umhlali.

Have  a great week!







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One thought on “The Moments In Between

  1. Very nice Stof

    Especially the coffee bag!
    Might have something for you to shoot in Hout Bay pretty soon!

    If your looking to get away!

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