More “Unbelievable!” Olympic Photography

I have been holding back on this post for a while now.

A few months ago I was contacted by Penguin Books, given a brief, and then given the go ahead to set up a shoot with Chad le Clos for the cover of an inspirational book about Chad and the story that lead to his beating Michael Phelps at the 2012 Olympics in the 200 metres butterfly final.

As I said in my previous blog.. shooting Olympic Athletes is something I will always jump to do, and an olympic gold medalist is a top priority in that case.

So with a make up artist (the amazing Sabine Fraser at Pappillion), art director (and wife Emily), a heap of photographic equipment and a hastily procured, oversized South African flag all bundled into the CRV, we set off in search of the Durban dwelling Olympian.

We were met by the larger than life Bert le Clos who even at 9 am in the morning was already talking at 300kmph. It is hard not to enjoy the enthusiasm of the man who made Chad’s victory that day even more enjoyable through his exuberant post race  interview .

Chad himself was at age 20, already unfazed by standing in front of the Nikon lenses. He took direction well and with features and body that has most female admirers in the vicinity blushing, he was more than confident enough to stand around in his Speedo running through a series of different lighting set ups.

The shoot went without a hitch, Chad was happy, Bert was happy and the client was also chuffed with the end result, which was then used, pretty much as delivered, on the end cover design as you will see in the pics below.

The book is called “Unbelievable” and should be available pretty much everywhere in the next few months







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