Klap Gym (in Ballito) Boet

Boet, there is only one thing more important to an (ex) Gautenger than vloeking the taxis and the e-tolls. And that is gym. Boet.

For at least five years there has been talk of a Virgin Active opening up in Ballito. I know this because it was one of the determining factors in my deciding to live down here. I know, I know.. judge away..but in my old Joburg life there was a time I couldn’t imagine a day without my gym fix.

There is something addictive about training in a climate controlled environment, that is shiny and clean and that has a cafe that can whip up a coffee or a smoothie post workout. In Jozi I had my routine worked out, from which parking space would be available at what time, to which weights or machines would be vacated as I arrived to use them and how long, to the minute, the whole workout would take. I would nod and smile at the same people reflected in three different mirrors at all times, on the same days of the week, all enjoying an endorphin high and the feeling of superiority over the feeble common folk who were still asleep in their comfortable beds.

So we moved down to Ballito and for five years I have had to bide my time. I jumped at every new rumour that VA was coming to town, hoping that soon I could experience my fitness temple fix. But every hope and speculation dwindled into nothing.. and so I had to find other ways to keep fit. In the sugarcane I sweated on bike and on foot, on the sea I experienced fantastic highs on fibreglass craft, and yet.. the city boy in me yearned for the beep as my card was deftly swiped at the turnstile.

For a while all hope was lost and then suddenly… a building grew forth from the dirt of Ballito. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but soon the rumours started making an appearance in trusted media outlets and my hopes were confirmed. Our very own, very impressive Virgin Active Gym was revealed. And it looked good!

I would have you know, that in spite of my school girl overexcitement, I have exercised restraint. I have played it cool. I may have altered my route a few times on the way home to keep an eye on developments towards the end of construction, and  I might have entertained the thought of gate crashing the grand opening when I didn’t make it onto the “A list”, but I managed to kept myself in check. Tomorrow morning I will put my pre packed gym bag (which might or might not have been standing packed and ready for the last 3 weeks at the front door) into my car at 5 am. I will saunter into the club  with a practiced nonchalance, and maybe start with a few stretches.  And so begins my relationship with my new gym. And it will be good. Boet.

Below are a couple of pics from my most recent reconnaissance mission.








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