Born Free: Kenya, Lions and a Lodge.

I wish I could say that my visit to Elsa’s Kopje was as a result of research and a longing to dip into an incredible african tale that captured the imaginations of my parents era through books and movies about George and Joy Adamson and the lions that lived with them in Meru National Park in Kenya. But during a working holiday to Kenya recently, good friends made sure that, at least for a long weekend, I was able to get a taste of at least one of the areas that Kenya is famous for. Embarrassingly it was only as I wandered around the incredible lodge looking at the black and white photographs of George Adamson and a few of the felines that hung around with him, that everything clicked into place. I did a bit of googling to make sure, and the internet provided the context that set the scene for a spectacular few days of Safari drives, luxury dining and relaxation.

Instead of trying to wax lyrical about the place I will post pictures that will hopefully tell the story adequately. I will just say that it is a magical setting that I desperately want to take my family back to.

Chris Allan Photography-8654

Chris Allan Photography-7883

Chris Allan Photography-8360

Chris Allan Photography-8775

Chris Allan Photography-8748

Chris Allan Photography-8821

Chris Allan Photography-8807

Chris Allan Photography-8815

Chris Allan Photography-9228

Chris Allan Photography-9214

Chris Allan Photography-9233

Chris Allan Photography-9341

Chris Allan Photography-9165

Chris Allan Photography-9172

Chris Allan Photography-9173

Chris Allan Photography-9175

Chris Allan Photography-9213

Chris Allan Photography-9224

Chris Allan Photography-9394

Chris Allan Photography-9415

Chris Allan Photography-9447

Chris Allan Photography-9377


Chris Allan Photography-9291

Also.. if you are like me and would like to find out more about the Born Free story.. this website should help.